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Going Green

Proud to be announcing our new Green Policy here at Nettle Hill.

This year the General and Business Manager Aby Lynch, along with her dedicated team of staff at Nettle Hill have set out to make Nettle Hill a ‘Green Business’. The idea began originally a few years ago with the installation of a BioMass Boiler but they have now set some strong goals for the year ahead. Nettle Hill is passionate about working with and alongside other companies that are making strides in this area and welcome collaboration.

Nettle Hill has set out to achieve the following: -

· Reduction of material, water and energy consumption

· Waste minimization

· Recycling of all resources

· No Single use plastic use on site; committed to finding sustainable alternatives to plastic use onsite, using local suppliers and initiative were possible.Commented to sustainability and reducing our global footprint

Abigail explained “With the growing need to become Eco friend and environmentally aware, I feel that every business and person can make a difference day to day to set the world back on the right course. We have a responsibility to the next generation to lead by example and make deceive actions to change the course of the global world. I am proud to be working for a business that has set its goals high, giving us a year to find solutions to some of the industry’s hard areas of single use and energy consumption.”

If you would like more information about taking your business green or would like to use a venue that is socially aware, please get in touch. Nettle Hill posts regular updates on Facebook about the open evenings and you can book a place on their website or via

Nettle Hill has been an active conference and events venue since 1985 and are proud of their diverse activities, if you would like to know more about the events running at the venue please visit their website or join their mailing list.

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