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Bees at Nettle Hill

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Our bees at Nettle Hill, last year we saw the arrival of our first hive of bees, it has been a joy to see them out on the grounds enjoying the flowers and our allotment. This spring we hope to add to our Hive with more bees and are always looking for bees to re-home.

We understand the importance of keeping bees safe, and keeping us safe as well. They pollinate much of what we eat and play a critical role in sustaining ecosystems around the world. But the last decade has been devastating for insect populations, and bees have been hit hard - with populations shrinking by a third in the UK

we were devastated to hear that Bee-killing neonicotinoids have been banned across Europe since 2013, but the UK government has just approved these deadly chemicals for emergency use - posing a lethal threat to bee populations.

We must act not to help save our bees please sign the petition to help us all for a brighter future.

If you know of any bees that need a new home let us know

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