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Art in the Shed

Updated: May 12, 2020

Art in the Shed

Another proud moment for Nettle Hill as we continue to develop our educational packages, with art in the shed.

During this season Nettle Hill and its wonderful creative team have been coming up with new and exciting opportunities to get involved with. Along side the Mud Kitchen and forest school the very creative General manger Abigail Lynch will be opening art in the shed, a place to get messy, be creative, make some amazing art and learn about the world around us. After doing a masters in performance art and a degree in fine art Nettle Hill has always benefited from Abigail creativity and we are thrilled as a team to be able to open the doors to this new venture. Nettle Hill is passionate about working with the local community and colaboration and would love to hear from you with ideas for our project.

Nettle Hill has set out to achieve the following: -

· Art on the fields

· Arty parties, choose from some amazing packages

· Arty dance parties

· studio space for local creatives

· colaboration with local arties

Abigail explained “I am thrilled to be entering a new stage with Nettle Hill, as we look to expand and develop a programme of creative ideas and community focused work, I would love to connect with other artists in the area as we get creative, teach a generation to be resourceful, reuse, reduce and love the world we have been given.”

If you would like more information about taking part in any of the above ideas please do get in contact with us. Nettle Hill posts regular updates on Facebook about the open evenings and you can book a place on their website or via

Nettle Hill has been an active conference and events venue since 1985 and are proud of their diverse activities, if you would like to know more about the events running at the venue please visit their website or join their mailing list.

For information about this press release please contact:

Abigail Lynch

02476 621 899

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