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Allotment Volunteers

Are you a keen gardener? Do you have an allotment of your own or have always wanted to get involved with one? Do you want to support others in improving their general wellbeing through working on an outdoor project?

We are looking for volunteers who can support Nettle Hill in the development of our allotment and enjoy our 7 acres of grounds. all food produced by the project get used in our Plant based café

or given to local charities in helping to feed the vulnerable .

We would be keen for volunteers who have some specific knowledge in the areas below and could help to lead the project. However, we are primarily looking for volunteers who have a desire to get involved in a grassroots project, given to saving the earth, restoring our relationship to each other, the ground and work in relationship with this beautiful planet.

As part of the role you would be supporting service users in the following:

Maintaining the ground throughout the year (digging, weeding, netting etc)

Planting, growing and picking vegetables

Creating and maintaining flower borders

Keeping the allotment site tidy, ensuring any equipment is well maintained, stored safely and easily accessible.

If you are interested in getting involved please email

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